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Green Energy is the Greatest Market ever known and Hydrogen might the missing link

Our modular units produce either liquid-pressurised Hydrogen or Electricity (or both) depending on demand. 

We Made
a Promise

We have a billion people without electricity worldwide. Climate Crises is putting young people in crisis, perhaps the greatest in history.


The geographic distribution of energy production and consumption is changing fast. Over 40% of the world population live in the coastal areas, with abundant access to clean energy from the sea, which is to be harvested yet. 

At windbuoyy, are developing technologies to enable the production of green energy by means of floating wind turbines.  


We commissioned a team from the Institute of Experimental Fluid Dynamcis of the Technical University of Berlin to validate our concept. This was accomplished by testing Windbuoyy Prototype in the wind tunnel and in the pool, and by developing a numerical simulation tool to extrapolate the results for the real-world commercial application.  

The technology is en route to commercialisation. 


We are always looking for professional at all levels to join our team. Due to Covid-19, we have frozen hiring; however, for all prospective applicants please apply here: 

Technical Roles (3459)

Engineers with Aerodynamics, Aerospace, Structural and Chemical and Offshore Background with a passion to work in Wind Energy. 

Project Managers (2314)

Experienced Project managers with proven track record in the fields of Marine, Offshore Energy and Wind.  

Business Development 

Marketing and Business development manager

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