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Wind Mills

Floating Wind Turbines

The modular units produce either liquid-pressurised Hydrogen or Electricity (or both) depending on demand. 

New Features

Capital Cost of Windbuoyy Floating Wind Turbine is low, makes it competitive with other renewable energy sources. 

Proven in the Wind Tunnel Windbuoyy is more efficient than standard turbines,


The impact of Offshore Installations on the Environment has always been a debate. 

Studies have shown that ​Floating Offshore Wind Turbines, not only have no negative impact on the environment, they are actually good for the environment. 

This is materialised by assisting in developing coral, reefs, flora and fauna in the sea while releasing no waste, discharge or emissions of any kind to nature. 

Socio-economic analytics

The impact of green energy on the society and economy has been the subject of debate for years. 

This is more salient in the post-covid era, and we are working on this study. 

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